The Association

 The Ashwood Homeowners Association was established in 1992 during the initial construction of the neighborhood. The affairs of the association and its fifty-four (54) homeowners (a.k.a. “members”) are governed by a Board of Directors (a.k.a. “directors”) composed of an uneven number of at least three (3) but not more than nine (9) persons serving a term of three (3) years.

The officers of the Association are a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer (a.k.a “officers”). The four officers are elected from among the board of directors. The following duties are performed by the officers, as determined by the Association Bylaws and by precedent:

  • President – Serves as chief executive officer of the Association; presides over quarterly Board of Directors meetings; leads the annual meeting of the association’s homeowner members; oversees the duties of the other officers and committees; serves as primary contact for association business that involves the surrounding community.
  • Vice President – Serves as backup for the President; schedules quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors; monitors the term limits of current directors and officers; performs other duties delegated by the President.
  • Treasurer – Maintains the association’s accounting books and budget, performs member annual dues collection; pays association’s monthly bills (such as common property electric, water/sewer, landscaping vendor), and annual bills and expenses (such as liability insurance premiums,;
  • Secretary – Keeps minutes from all meetings of the association, including the recording in the minute book of all resolutions adopted in those meetings and a record of all transactions which occur; provides written notice of each annual and special meeting to homeowner members; provides telephone notice to directors for special meetings.

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NOTE: Assistant secretarie(s) and assistant treasurer(s) may be elected from outside the Board of Directors.